Friday, November 06, 2009


Up at 4:30, at the Clothing Distribution Center by 5:30. Put on Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear, loaded onto world's narrowest(?) buses, drove onto tarmac and sat next to the C-17 that was to be our ride to the ice. A few minutes later we were informed that the plane had a fuel leak and we were probably not going anywhere, but we needed to wait to find out for sure. People on the sunny side of the bus started to squirm and open windows. About 45 minutes later it was confirmed - we're not going anywhere. Bags returned to us, ECW gear re-stowed, street clothes re-donned. Back at hotel by 10:00. It will probably be Monday before we try again.

A "mechanical" is when you either don't leave or you get "boomeranged" due to mechanical problems with the airplane. "Boomeranged" is when you leave the Christchurch airport, but have to return; for example, because of a mechanical or bad weather.

Scott waiting patiently on the bus.


At 12:16 AM, Blogger Amelie said...

Better that they found out before you left! Sorry for the delay though, did you have time to go to the Mai-Thai? Best to all the B-031 crew,


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