Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Most Beautiful Place In The World

I finally made it! I'm at Cape Crozier, my most favorite place in the world. Flew here on Monday with Ryan Miller, Jessica Reynolds, and Roger Hill, who are visiting for the week. Ryan and Jessica are here filming on an artists and writers grant and will fly out tomorrow. Roger runs Wildlife Computers and was here to see how we use his tags on penguins. He left yesterday. Grant and Kirsten have been here for about three weeks and already seem well-tempered by the Antarctic elements. The weather is gorgeous, penguin chicks are hatching, and the field season is in full swing! But today I am hut-bound, studying for a statistics final exam tomorrow. At least I get to listen to the skuas laughing outside instead of the San Francisco street traffic.

Roger Hill at the foot of Mt. Terror

First day, hike to the emperor penguin colony

Emperor penguin chicks


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